summer skills academy

Academy Info:


@ Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church

Midway, Ky

Dates: June 14 - July 8

Times: Mon 1-3pm & Thur 6-8pm 

Grades: K-12 grade, 3 age groups

Cost: $120 for all clinics

$50 weekly rate

$30 walk in per clinic

INFO: We're back in action at the Cross Center in Midway Ky! This Academy will offer 24 clinics in 4 weeks for these 3 groups: K-4 grade, 4-8 grade, 7-12 grade (move up/down based on skill level). Our 3 pro trainers will lead these clinics & we'll focus on different skill sets each clinic: shooting, ball handling, defense, attacking, footwork, ball IQ, work ethic & speed/agility. We'll also close with encouraging huddles & devotionals. Register through Eventbrite at the link below!